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Now, you can choose SukkahMarket.com and enjoy the holiday with family in a quality, long life Sukkah, at a fair price.

We’ll handle any issue, big or small. Need advice? Can’t figure out what goes first? Missing a part?

We’re here to help. Call us and get a rapid response, usually within 10 minutes.

Our Sukkah won’t fail, break or rust. Treat it right and it will serve you well for many years to come.

We guarantee the other guys are not happy that we’re around,
but not only are we defiant, we stand behind our products and give an unparalleled 12 year warranty.

Instead of creating a knockoff, we rolled up our sleeves to innovate and create a better product.

Sukkah designs haven’t changed in 20 years.
Don’t you think it’s time you bought a better, smarter, lighter,
stronger Sukkah that’s been redesigned from the drawing board?


A Better, Premium Fabric

We sourced the best fabrics and after a ton of R&D, we succeeded in creating a innovative tighter weave fabric that got high stress test scores that won’t easily rip or tear and is 16% lighter.

Our no chip, no flake, long life paint is hot dipped applied and contain engineered  high strength polymers that chemically bond to our premium metal frame.

Superior Long Life Paint

Super Strong, Super Light, Engineered Metal Frame

Our high tensile strength metal skeleton frame and components were computer engineered, designed and custom fabricated by a metalwork shop that is among the best around, ensuring your Sukkah won’t sag, droop or fail, while engineered to be 26% lighter, 32% more compact and brilliantly easy to assemble, dissemble and store.

We followed up with a team of skilled artisan tailors, whose cut & sew experience spans from generations before. Their knowledge and expertise result in a sewn fabric that rivals any other Sukkah fabric.

Custom Sewn By Expert Tailors

Smart Carton Packaging

We consulted with the best in product packaging to streamline the shipping carton footprint and pack a smaller, smarter, better and more efficient shipping box. That translates into better shipping rates and lower shipping costs.