Order FAQ’s

The fastest way to order is by phone, where a dedicated and skilled Sukkah assistant can quickly guide you through your purchase and suggest the best size and quality Sukkah for your needs. You’ll also be able to ask any special requests, all without any upsell. Our job is to treat you right, and ensure a seamless Sukkah buying experience.

The size of your Sukkah is contingent on how spacious you want your Sukkah experience to be. We can help you calculate the ideal size in a few moments, based on the quantity of people you intend to accommodate. Give us a quick call for the fastest possible answer.

All of our Sukkah’s come with fabric windows, doors, and window screens built in. We’ve engineered every Sukkah with convenient velcro straps to keep each window, door and screen open, or closed when unfastened. Each Sukkah can be configured with the windows and doors placed in locations.

To determine the best configuration for your needs, contact us for the fastest possible answer.

Our complete set Sukkahs do not require any tools at all to properly set up. However, our included handy dandy rubber mallet is helpful to join the poles and rods together to ensure the tightest possible fit. We don’t suggest using a hammer, as this can damage the frame and connecting slots.

Its best to understand your space for the Sukkah and sizing needs. We suggest a location that has open sky and the flooring to be level ground, not grass, for the sturdiest Sukkah, and take note where you want the door placement to be. This is an important part of planning your purchase, so we can match the correct fabric & door location to your needs. Its wise to use a tape measure to accurately assess the distance of your Sukkah’s location and not “guesstimate”. This will save the nuisance of having purchased the wrong size product.

Yes. Although the setup is highly intuitive, we strongly suggest you review our product building instructions sheet completely (found here) to understand the simple steps needed to ensure nothing is done out of order, and save time doing it correctly, the first time. The frame assembly should be completed first. The fabric should be attached next. The wooden Schach support beams should be then stabilized and tied to the Sukkah frame. The final step is to roll out the Schach roofing mats on top of the wooden Schach support beams. Viola!

Absolutely! You can see them here.

Absolutely! We stand behind our products! We guarantee that your merchandise will arrive for use as intended. Should any parts arrive broken or non-functioning, let us know within 24 hours of receiving your order, and we’ll make it right, at our expense.

As the Holiday season is short and hurried, it is crucial that you properly open and inspect all items, should you need to file a claim or replace part that was inadvertently missing or damaged in transit. We cannot be held liable for damage/missing claims once 24 hours has elapsed as replacement parts can quickly be depleted from inventory.

Also, check out our warranty page which spells out all the nitty gritty details of what our unparalleled 12 year warranty covers.

Change your mind? No problem.

We offer a full, no questions asked, refund on all orders that have not yet been shipped. If an order was shipped, we offer a full refund, provided that you refuse delivery and the merchandise is received without damage. If you inadvertently accepted delivery, you will be required to return the merchandise back to us within 24 hours, at your expense, and we will offer a full refund, less the outbound shipping cost. Checkout the full details of our return policy here.

Ordered the wrong size? Need to expand? No problem.

We’ll work with you to replace or exchange any unused, unopened, unboxed items and replace them with the needed size. See our full exchange policy here.

Give us a call to find the best solution and find out live replacement/exchange inventory status in a few quick minutes.

Please note that due to the nature of Sukkah’s and Schach and related items are seasonal items, in all instances, we are unable to offer any refunds of delivered and accepted merchandise, whether open/unboxed or otherwise, within 5 days prior to the start of the Sukkot holiday and any replacements or exchanges are only subject to available inventory.

SukkahMarket.com provides the option to purchase a complete Sukkah, where all parts and components of the Sukkah, including the wood or bamboo supports are included, or for you to purchase the Schach roofing mat alone.

Due to the high cost of oversized boxes that UPS and other carriers charge, we are unable to offer free shipping at this time, especially since we discount our prices  heavily and offer the lowest margins in the industry.

We do offer flat rate shipping in our primary NYC metro area with our local delivery option, which is significantly less that commercial services. Just enter your zip code when checking out and if available, you’ll see the local delivery shipping option at substantially lower rates than shipping via UPS other carriers.

We encourage you to purchase in ample time before the Holiday rush season is underway. Due to overwhelming demand during the peak days immediately prior to the Holiday, our flat rate shipping may not be available.

Short answer, no.

Many online sites may claim to have SukkahMarket.com coupons or discounts, but the truth is that SukkahMarket.com does not offer coupons or promotion codes to the general public. We do, however, surprise and delight customers or even potential customers on a case-by-case basis. It’s one of the many ways we WOW.

If you see a coupon code like Sukkah20 or HolidayWow it is not a valid code for SukkahMarket.com. The only coupons we offer will be individual ones, which are not transferable and only redeemable one time, and only by the recipient to whom it was sent.

SukkahMarket.com offers all parts and components of the Sukkah in a complete kit, which include the complete metal Sukkah frame, rod & beam supports, wood/bamboo Schach roofing mat horizontal supports + clip holders to attach bamboo to top bar of Sukkah frame, fabric Sukkah walls with sewn in upper, lower and mid section tie frame velcro straps, natural fiber Schach tie down “lovud” strings and a handy dandy rubber mallet for easier assembly, Schach roof rolled mats, all bagged in long term a long term zippered, handled packaging bag.

To properly enjoy the Sukkah during the duration of the Holiday, chairs, tables, decorations, lighting, heating or cooling are suggested and optional, but not required.

While our Sukkah’s are completely compliant with Jewish Law regarding Sukkah’s, Jewish law offers the opportunity of fulfilling additional meritorious acts of the joining of the 4 species during the Holiday.(more)

While 1 able bodied person can easily assemble and disassemble our Sukkah’s in  minutes, an additional able bodied person will speed up the process making it even easier.

As with any new project that you may be unfamiliar with, initial setup and takedown is usually around 60 minutes. After the initial learning curve, where you become familiar with how simple the process actually is, subsequent installs & takedowns are usually less than 30 minutes.

Although the process is highly intuitive, we do provide easy to understand assembly instructions, with all parts and materials clearly labeled.