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According to Jewish law, a Sukkah is a non-permanent, hut-like structure used to eat, sleep and for recreational use that is comprised of at least 3 walls and covered by a Schach roof.

Based on the Torah (Biblical) requirement, a Sukkah is used for the duration of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, (Feast of Tabernacles) which begins on the 15th day of the Jewish month of Tishrei, which generally falls out in September/October and lasts for 7 days in Israel and 8 days outside of Israel.

According to Jewish law, although the walls of the Sukkah itself do not need certification of any sort, it is highly advisable to ensure that the Schach roof mat does have a kosher certification, as mats that are intended, designed and made for sitting, or any other purpose than Schach, are not kosher for use as a Schach roof mat for the Holiday of Sukkot.

Our Schach mats are specifically intended, designed and made for use as Schach and are there for fully compliant. See our Kosher certification here.

According to Jewish law, all males above the age independent awareness (5-6 years old) are required to use a Sukkah to eat formal and informal meals containing bread, cake or other items containing flour, and would recite the blessing “leisheiv ba’sukkah”.

If one is only eating fruits and vegetables, or less than a “k’beitza” (volume of an egg) of foods containing flour, then a Sukkah is not required. Although women are exempt from all Sukkah obligations, inclusion is optional and considered meritorious.

The walls of a Sukkah can be constructed from any material that will withstand a normally anticipated terrestrial (normal) wind without swaying more than approximately 9″ in either direction. Our frames and fabric are designed with metal crossbars and sewn in, multiple easy-loop straps at key upper, lower and middle points, to ensure the fabric does not sway in the wind more than permissible.

The Schach (roof) of the Sukkah, can be made of any organic material less than 3″ thick, which has been disconnected from the ground, such as branches, wood strips, bamboo, palm branches and reeds, with a coverage density that provides a greater ratio of shade to sun than sun to shade. Ideally, branches with small leaves should be avoided so the leaves do not fall into the Sukkah, causing a can be annoying and untidy. The contemporary practice is to use a woven mat for Schach.

We offer convenient Schach mats (roofing) made from durable, densely packed bamboo or reeds, fastened in an interwoven string matrix, which rolls open for easy placing and can then be rolled back up to a compact size for protection and storage in our included convenient, handled, heavy canvas carry bag.

In order to conform with Jewish law and be classified as Kosher, a Sukkah must have at least 3 walls, and each wall must have a minimum width of approximately 28 inches. The walls of the Sukkah must extend at least 40 inches high, and the walls may not be suspended more than 9 inches above the ground and there is no maximum size or wall thickness limitation. Practical structural integrity is achieved with a 4 wall Sukkah, making this the standard configuration.

Our Sukkah’s are designed to be fully size compliant, with no floor or wall gaps and are available in many different width, length and height sizing options.

A Sukkah should be positioned so that all or part of its roof is open to the sky, however, only the part which is under the sky is kosher. A Sukkah can be built on the ground or on an open porch or balcony.

The Sukkah should not be located in an area that has a bad smell or placed under a tree or awning. It should preferably be built on stable ground, such as a patio, deck or driveway and not on the grass. Many observant Jews who design their home’s porch or deck will do so in a fashion that aligns with their Sukkah-building needs.

The Schach mat roofing should be placed on top of the Sukkah, as a roof. One should not have the Schach supported directly by or touching metal or plastic, but rather on wooden beams, bamboo, or other supports that grew naturally and not placed on top of the metal poles.

Although the Schach is indirectly being supported by the metal frame or plastic because of the wood supports, the Schach itself should rest on the wood.

According to Jewish law, Schach directly supported by metal or plastic will invalidate the Kosher status of the Sukkah, while wood will not.

Schach supports must not be “alive” (still connected to the ground), such a the branch of a living tree.

SukkahMarket.com provides all parts and components of the Sukkah, including the wood or bamboo supports, so that our Sukkah’s are completely compliant with Jewish Law.

Since substantial winds can easily lift most Schach, one may tie down the Schach to the wood (not metal) supports using a string made of a natural fiber, such as cotton or hemp.

All of our Sukkah sets include natural fiber tie down strings at no extra cost.

SukkahMarket.com provides all parts and components of the Sukkah, including the complete metal Sukkah frame & supports, wood/bamboo Schach support beams, fabric Sukkah walls, natural fiber tie down strings, Schach roof rolled mats, all bagged in long term storage packaging.

To properly enjoy the Sukkah during the duration of the Holiday, chairs, tables, decorations, lighting, heating or cooling are suggested and optional, but not required.

While our Sukkah’s are completely compliant with Jewish Law regarding Sukkah’s, Jewish law offers the opportunity of fulfilling additional meritorious acts of the joining of the 4 species during the Holiday.(more)

While 1 able bodied person can easily assemble and disassemble our Sukkah’s in  minutes, an additional able bodied person will speed up the process making it even easier.

As with any new project that you may be unfamiliar with, initial setup and takedown is usually around 60 minutes. After the initial learning curve, where you become familiar with how simple the process actually is, subsequent installs & takedowns are usually less than 30 minutes.

Although the process is highly intuitive, we do provide easy to understand assembly instructions, with all parts and materials clearly labeled.

Parts of a Sukkah

Sukkah Structure

The structural frame of a Sukkah needs to provide stability and durability to withstand wind, rain and repeated annual setup and disassemble. Our easy lock proprietary Sukkah frame goes up and down in minutes.

Sukkah Walls

The walls of a Sukkah can be made of various materials. We provide easy setup, easy to disassemble, lightweight but strong material that is engineered to fit perfectly to our proprietary Sukkah frame and is available in multiple configurations.

Sukkah Schach

Our Sukkah Schach mat roofing is designed to completely cover the top of the Sukkah as traditional Jewish Law prescribes and is hand woven, strung and tightened to fulfill all requirements and ensure a long life of repeated use.