We Take Extra Steps To Get It Right, The First Time

We pride ourselves as being different. We have years of Sukkah production under our belt, make a better Sukkah product and offer it at better pricing. Our factories have been doing this for years and have perfected the art of Sukkah creation, with skilled factory employees specifically trained eliminate product defects, or sub-par components. We’ve taken the extra steps in our quality control unit to triple check each Sukkah throughout the manufacturing process, through delivery to you, to ensure it’s that highest quality item that we’d want for our very own Sukkah.

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Our Metal Warranty

  1. Put up, Use & Take Down the Sukkah Normally, as intended.
  2. When done, repack back in it’s original packaging.
  3. Keep it dry, in a covered humid/mold free environment


Order with confidence. We offer an unparalleled 12 year metal warranty. It’s as easy as that.

We’ll replace or repair all metal poles, metal supports, metal beams and metal rods that were purchased from SukkahMarket.com or its outlet stores, should they rust, bend, twist or break, during the course of normal and weather use during the Sukkah Holiday, at no charge, for 12 years from date of purchase.

Our Fabric Warranty

We’ll replace or repair all fabric should they contain factory or natural defects, rip or tear, during the course of normal use during the Sukkah Holiday, at no charge, for 1 year from date of purchase. 

Our Schach Warranty

We’ll replace or repair all Schach should they break or fracture, during the course of normal use during the Sukkah Holiday, at no charge, for its first use from date of purchase and with notification within 2 weeks after the Sukkot Holiday.

The Fine Print

This warranty is non-transferable and only valid to the original purchaser with dated proof of purchase, invoice and proof of payment. 

Our warranty does not cover claims arising from damage as a result of heavy winds, storm, hurricane, force de major, improper dry & uncovered storage, extended use beyond the temporary and seasonal annual Sukkah holiday season, or damage to Sukkah’s that were modified or altered in any way, or had additional weight placed onto the Sukkah or its components and only as a result of normal wear and tear.

Any assembly/disassembly that does not conform to our assembly instructions, pulling, stretching, bending or modification to the metal structure or components of any sort, adhering, attaching or hanging any products containing glue, rope, strings, tie downs, adhesives or fasteners, improper/unsuitable level setup location, the use of other Schach products or Schach materials not purchased from SukkahMarket.com, or the use any weighted objects placed on top of the Schach or structural load will invalidate this warranty.

Warranty coverage requires that each component be placed back into its original packaging material after each use, to ensure long life expectancy. Sukkah warranty applies for seasonal Holiday use only and not for extended use before or after the Sukkah Holiday in which the Sukkah is outdoors and unprotected from weather elements.

This warranty will be voided in the event storage environment is susceptible to, or has an existing condition of dampness, mold or mildew, or is subject to direct or indirect contact with weather elements, or temperature extremes.

Fabric warranty does not cover claims arising from improper stretching, pulling, puncturing of the product, adhering of any tape, glue, staples or other material, wet, damp or uncovered storage, mildew or mold forming as a result of a temporary or chronic existing condition modifications or alterations to any parts of our Sukkah, and only as a a result of normal wear and tear. This product is fabric and as such should be stored in a dry, temperature and humidity controlled environment. Notification along with documenting photographic evidence, along with our attestation form must be received within the specified respective time frames. All items requiring compliance are solely at our discretion.

To file a claim, contact us.