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Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Acceptance:

Your submission of an online order by clicking “Submit Order”, or submitting an order verbally or by email, telephone or facsimile (fax), or your signature on our fax acknowledgement, initial or follow up confirmations and/or art proof approvals, by either shopping cart, or online correspondence is a firm order and a continuing binding contractual agreement, not subject to cancellation, returns or refunds, in part or in whole, (except per the terms found in section entitled “Cancellations and Returns”), or to changes (except per the terms found in the section entitled “Order Charges”) between you, (either individually and/or personally, or as a representative of a DBA, Corporation, LLC, Government, private or other public business or entity), www.sukkahmarket.com, and/or it’s affiliates, in which you, either personally, or as agent, agree to be personally responsible for payment in full of any and all charges, freight costs, billed, unbilled or forwarded carrier or country import taxes, customs and/or import duties levies, and/or fees, whether current or unbilled, and of your request to purchase our merchandise.

By placing this order now, you explicitly authorize us to charge your credit card and/or secure other means of payment for these costs, and for any shipping, overrun, or other future unbilled costs as they come due, without advance notice. You further indicate that you have reviewed and agree to all of the notices in the “General Policies, Terms and Conditions” and specifically in the paragraphs shown here, entitled: “Warranties, Merchandise Quality & Consistency”, “Cancellations and Returns”, “Payment Terms and Options”, found above. You also understand and accept that: 1. Production time, shipping transit time, and arrival request dates (aka “In hands By” and aka “Date Needed By”) is offered as a courtesy only and are not guaranteed, and generally depend on timely document return (which is determined by us) with no changes. 2. Late return of docs void any requested or required dates. 3. Production will still commence without notice or warning to tardiness of request dates. 4. Merchandise received late/after requested or “must have by” dates, due to carrier, customs clearing, paperwork or other delays are not reason for dispute, refusal or return as factory provided production service as per terms of order. 5) If merchandise has not yet shipped, and you decide to cancel this order or chargeback or dispute this charge, you explicitly understand that we have spent significant time and resources to prep your order and agree to be charged a separate order prep charge of $75.00 even though you may not have received actual merchandise.

Confirmations: Unless expressly notified in writing otherwise, we may begin processing your order immediately, without sending or receiving any other forms of confirmation, order approvals, and does not constitute neglect, inaction, or the right to cancel or refuse your order, as written, electronic and/or verbal confirmations and approvals are provided as a courtesy, and to maintain our own internal quality control measures. Photos shown may not be a photo of the actual item, and not intended to be an exact version, color, or specifics of what the final product will look like. They are only provided as a courtesy to show an approximate, and not exact version of the overall layout and size.

Cancellations and Returns: Any order cancellations must be done in writing (by either email or fax) and must be confirmed by telephone within the cancellation window, which is within 30 minutes of you having placed an order. “Placing an order” is defined as having clicked “Submit Order” on the website, which is time stamped on the auto-confirmation email sent to you. This time frame is firm and specifically does not include you receiving email confirmations, confirming the order, which are only sent as a courtesy and not applicable to the cancellation window. Should you be unable to reach a live agent, we will not be able to make any cancellations and the order will proceed. The inability to reach a live agent during regular business or after hours by phone does not give you the right to assume the order has been cancelled. Change instructions made by sending an email or by leaving a recorded message on our phone system does not constitute acceptance of the change by us. Once your cancellation request has been processed, you will receive an email confirmation as proof that your order has been cancelled. If you do not receive this email confirmation notice, then your order has not been cancelled and you should call to speak with a live agent. If your order has already shipped, unless notified otherwise in writing, you will be required to return or refuse the merchandise, unopened back to us, at your expense. In no circumstances will credits be issued should you choose to keep some or all of the merchandise. Returned/refused merchandise must be shipped back to us within 48 hours of you having received it, and at your expense or the order will be deemed accepted by you, with no future right for you to return the merchandise. After the order cancellation window time has elapsed, we reserve the right to recover the full costs of production and shipping associated with your order, regardless of whether: changes made after this time frame were not implemented, your merchandise has or has not shipped, merchandise will not arrive to you by your deadline/required date, your return or refusal of merchandise for non-satisfaction or for any reason other than a defective product. We also reserve the right to bill a $50.00 cancellation charge plus 5% of order total. Any billable additional & freight charges prior to his time frame are not refundable, not subject to cancellation, and will be billed, and not subject to dispute. You understand and agree to these terms and conditions and also agree to the “Terms of Purchase and Acceptance” (shown above) prior to placing your order. If you have any questions about this policy, please Contact us prior to placing your order.

Claims, Adjustments, Refunds, & Credits: Your satisfaction is our goal. Should you require any adjustments, refunds, returns or credits, or have any other claim, we would like to know. Contact us to inform us of your issue, and if we have made an error, we will do our best to either issue a refund, adjust your account, replace your merchandise, or do whatever it takes to get it right, within reason. Please ask about our refund and return policy prior to placing an order. All shipments should be thoroughly checked upon arrival. We must be notified within 2 days of receipt of any defects, omissions or errors in manufacturing. Only authorized returns will be accepted. All shipments leave the factory in good condition after inspection. Claims for lost or damaged merchandise, or concealed damage should be filed with delivering carrier. Leave shipment intact and file claim immediately.

Returned Checks/Chargebacks: In all cases where we have a check returned for insufficient funds, or credit card chargebacks, we will assess a $50.00 non-refundable fee. Special Notice: We are not liable for non-fulfillment of orders due to strikes, fires, inclement weather, act of g-d, force majeure, or other causes beyond our control.

Applicable Law: This site is created and controlled by www.sukkahmarket.com in the State of New York. Therefore, the internal laws of New York will govern these policies, terms, conditions, and disclaimers without reference to principles of conflict of laws. We reserve the right to make changes to our site and these disclaimers, policies, or terms and conditions at any time.

Prop 65: If this product is to be sold or distributed in California, a warning under California law, referred to as proposition 65, may be required. Please check with your California customer’s and your legal counsel concerning warning requirements and methods. Please consult your legal counsel if you plan to redistribute these items in California. We are not responsible, nor liable for Proposition 65 warning labels nor lawsuits arising from Proposition 65 incidents in which customers were previously advised (verbally or through this terms and agreements of this website) to use said labels but declined their use.

Physical Measurements & Capacities: The physical and listed sizes noted on each of our products are only an approximation, and should not be construed as the exact scientific size or precise capacity of the item. Sizes, capacity and other measurements are only serve as approximate generalizations and/or industry reference. Should you need precise or scientific measurements, please order a sample item to ensure it meets your needs. By ordering you agree to purchase the item as described and supplied. We cannot be held responsible for any inconsistent or incorrect measurements or capacity.

Additional Handling Charges: Additional handling charges are not generally added to your order without notice, and in some instances may be applied and/or included in your total price. All orders, including third party billing, when applicable, may be subject to handling charges. Ask your sales professional if this applies to your order. You will be notified in advance of any charges unless verbal instructions are given to proceed, or to meet your rush deadline and you have not indicated to proceed with the needed changes.

Website & Submitted Images, Copyright & Trademarks: All images contained in this website are for illustration purposes only. We enforce trademark and copyright infringement law. All trademarked and copyrighted images are the property of their respective owners and used with limited rights for illustration purposes only.

Once an order has been approved, no changes will be allowed and 100% liability will fall upon the buyer. We do not accept any responsibility for an order placed due to incorrect size calculations

Specials Offers, Website Pricing: We constantly strive to provide superior savings, quality merchandise and the best offers around. We have heavily invested in today’s technology to supply you with our best product at our best price. Should a special offer or price be available on our website, we encourage you to take advantage of a great deal. Please note that occasionally, human or technology errors occur and incorrect information or pricing may be offered. While we would like to accommodate you in taking advantage of this error, we ask your understanding in us notifying you of this error, and the resolve to doing the best we can to meet your needs. All prices and information contained on this website are not binding and subject to change. We make every effort to keep prices as listed, correct and up to date. To confirm any information, we request your diligence and Contact us to receive a custom quote prior to placing your order.

Lowest Price Guarantee: We consider our pricing and merchandise to be the best in the business. Should you find an identical item from another manufacturer, advertised lower than our rock bottom pricing, we urge you to Contact us and we will do our best to beat that price. We must be notified prior to placing your order, as we often will sell an item at a lower than usual price to ensure a repeat customer, or to strengthen our relationship with an existing customer, and our margin structure must be planned in advance. Items must be of identical manufacturing methods, origin, and of same quantity. This guarantee excludes conditional, limited or one time offers, sales, one of a kind items, closeouts or discontinued items.

Promotional Incentives: From time to time we extend our gratitude to you for joining our email list, mailing list, and customer list, or as a purchase incentive by offering promotional offers and/or coupons or coupon codes. Coupon codes generally apply to new, non current customers and/or companies/institutions who have either never previously signed up to our email list before, and/or never previously ordered from us before and have not previously redeemed this offer. To qualify, merchandise totals might need to meet certain order total minimums. These order totals, for the purposes of the qualifying threshold, is the total dollar amount of merchandise purchased and does not include freight charges. Coupons must be redeemed by entering the code into the shopping cart, mentioned verbally or by email when placing your order, and cannot be applied once order has been processed. Credit will be applied to final invoice and may not be reflected in shopping cart. These offers are non transferable and may be cancelled at any time, without advance notice. Does not apply to certain low volume, sale, closeout or discounted items, or orders with other discounts. Offers cannot be combined together with other offers, discounts or incentives. Limit one per customer, company or institution. Contact us for further details. Offers are non transferable and may be cancelled at any time, without advance notice. Does not apply to certain low volume, sale, closeout or discounted items, or to orders with other discounts. Offers cannot be combined together, or with other offers, discounts or incentives. Limit one per customer, company or institution. Contact us for further details.

Satisfaction, Happy Guarantee: Our goal is your complete satisfaction on the production of every order, each and every time. We do our best to guarantee your satisfaction on our merchandise and stand behind the products we sell. To be sure we meet this standard, we offer premium quality promotional products in a range of prices and materials. Should your order deviate from the high quality product we produce or not be complete in any way, we will replace, credit, or refund your order. You must notify us in writing within 24 hours of your receiving your order and we will resolve the issue. Some replacements, credits or refunds may require merchandise return. Items and/or products that are printed as ordered and requested that do not deviate from industry standards are not subject to return, credit or refund. If you have any suggestions. comments, concerns, critique or praise on how we can be of even better assistance, Contact us

Order Changes: We understand the fast pace environment of the changing world, changing deadlines and change in business. Should your submitted order require any change at all, we require you notify us immediately to accommodate you. Once an order is submitted, it is streamlined through our fast order entry and production system. This highly efficient allows us to maintain our low prices and fast turnaround. As a general rule, we can accommodate changes to a submitted standard production order, provided that we are notified within 30 minutes of placing your order. Once this time frame has past, we cannot accept any changes to your order, and you will be billed accordingly. Should there be a need for changes to an order, please Contact us prior to placing your order. Should you be unable to reach a live agent, we will not be able to make any changes and the order will proceed. The inability to reach a live agent by phone does not give you the right to assume the order has been cancelled. Change instructions made by sending an email or by leaving a recorded message on our phone system does not constitute acceptance of the change by us.

Sales Tax: We are required by law to collect all applicable sales tax for the State of New York. Any entity that is tax exempt must submit their resale / tax exemption certificate by email. As Tax Law regulations may be subject to change, we may be required to pass along sales tax as required, before of after placing your order, without prior notice. Payment Terms, Credit & Options: By the nature of custom merchandise, once you place an order, the product becomes exclusively yours. It is for this reason, that once we process and fill an order, we require payment in full, up front. This method ensures a smooth and timely production flow, without the need to delay release of shipment to request payment. If you require special billing arrangements, or are interested in terms, we extend delayed payment terms on qualified repeat orders to individuals,

Corporate Accounts, Government and Educational Institutions. Should you or a purchasing agent require specific assistance, we encourage you to Contact us prior to placing your order.

Warranties, Merchandise Quality & Consistency: We stand behind our product. Should our product not stand up to your standards, we’d like to know. Please be accommodating in understanding that all products will not necessarily stand the test of time, hardship, misuse or abuse. Should our product fail in its quality or consistency, please Contact us for further details. and inform us of the nature of the problem. Should we fail to live up to your expectations, we will do our utmost to guarantee your satisfaction in making it right, within reason. All products, inks, resins, images, imprints, placement and technical production processes are judged by the industry standard and subject to industry tolerances. Products are not deemed acceptable for industrial or commercial use. Slight variations and tiny imperfections in product color and size are not considered flaws and may vary from batch to batch. There are almost always slight differences in diameter, height, and other properties. Color variations are considered normal. Listed measurements will vary. 

Production, On Time, Shipping & Transit Delays: Our state of the art, highly advanced production facilities allow us exceptional speed and accuracy. If we promise to get your order out in time, we stand by our word. Should we fail to live up to our promise, we will do our utmost to guarantee your satisfaction in making it right, within reason. We want you to love our product and our service. Should there be a delay beyond our control in shipping or transit time, recourse rests solely with the carrier. Federal Express, USPS, common carrier, UPS ground, 3 day select, 2 day or overnight service transit time guarantee is issued only by the freight operator and cannot indemnify us. Production times are not guaranteed beyond a refund of product cost. On a case by case basis, we will do our best to reroute, upgrade or change service to accommodate you and get it right, regardless of who is to blame. Should you have a specific “tight” in hands date and not respond to our attempts to contact regarding faster freight service needed, items will ship on our schedule and we will not be subject to penalty or consequences.

Palletizing: Truck shipments may be palletized and shrink-wrapped. A handling charge per pallet on third party billing or collect freight may be applied. Shipping Costs & Shipping Weights: Shipping costs, when applicable, are calculated based on live UPS actual rates and are accurate and final. Should there be an error, please inquire prior to production. UPS charges reflect dimensional weight costs on air freight and overnight services, for which we are not responsible for the difference in actual freight vs. quoted estimates. Please note, UPS and other carriers classify ground charges for oversized cartons 84″ to 108″ at 30 lbs. / carton. (Over 108″ cartons are charged at 70 lbs. / carton).

Best Shipping Method Choice: Unless specified, we reserve the right to select the best method of shipping, including overnight air service to meet the event date specified on your purchase order without prior notification. We are not responsible for carrier delays.

Export Documentation and Fees: We not always process or provide export documentation. Should there be a fee to do so, you will be notified in advance. Unless specified otherwise, we are not responsible for any duties or taxes and these charges may not be reflected in your order total. Any post shipping port, duties or fees will be billed accordingly.

Change of Addresses: Change of address after order has been confirmed and processed may be charged $15 fee, provided order is still in house. We cannot guarantee that address changes will be honored by the shipping carrier once your order has been processed and released.

Incorrect Addresses: Shipping addresses you supply are transferred into the UPS system at face value. Any errors in address or zip codes are subject to UPS regulations which currently charge $15 per carton charge-back, subject to change, which will be invoiced post shipping.

Residential Delivery Charges: We always recommend shipping to commercial addresses to reduce freight costs. If your order is to be delivered to a residential address and is not specified as such, you will be responsible for UPS/carrier chargebacks which will be invoiced post shipping. These fees, assessed by UPS are as high as $15 per carton.

Split Shipments: We understand the need to have merchandise sent to different locations at different times. Special instructions can be accommodated when notified in advance. Due to the complexity of the nature of split shipments, they require extreme care in processing and may incur an additional fee. Contact us to receive a custom quote prior to placing your order.

Third Party Shipping: As a general rule, due to our streamlined and efficient order entry, production, and shipping system, we cannot ship merchandise third party, or offer third party billing. In many cases, the shipping carrier confuses shipments billed to other shipping accounts, resulting in transit delays and incorrectly back billed freight charges. Unless it is absolutely required we strongly refrain from third party billing. If you absolutely must bill freight to a third party account, Contact us to receive a custom quote prior to placing your order.